Torshovdalen (not to be confused with Torshov Park) is another park area in Oslo.

The park is located between Torshov in the west, sinsen in the east, Rosenhoff and Rodeløkka in the southeast and south and Gjøvikbaken in the north.

In connection with the development of Torshov, bulding engineer Marius Røhne made sure that this area was spared development in the 1934 regulation plan.

The Torshov Valley entered here into a contionous park belt and walkways through the city.

The reason was the beginning of thinking about the need for light, fresh air and and access to the nature for the city`s population with the positive impact this had on public health.

However, buying and designing the area took time and was delayed b by the occupation during World War II.

In June 2014, the scuplture”HODET N.N.” by Marianne Heske was unveiled on the plateau in the middle of the park, as part of the project “Sculpturstopp”.

Text source: Wikipedia – Photos: My Oslo Norway