Oslo Street Food

I dag åpnet Oslo sin nye mathall, den tredje i rekken. Hallen er på 1800 kvm og huser en rekke Street Food basarer.

Monky`s hos Oslo Street Food
Monky`s Bubble Waffle

Sentrale aktører fra danske Copenhagen Street Food, som drev matmarkedet på Papirøen i København, er blant de involverte.

1800 kvadratmeter med matvogner

Oslo Street Food er et matmarked som skal bestå av gastronomiske håndverkere som serverer autentisk og ærlig mat; mat som er nøye laget av gode råvarer.
Mennesker kan oppleve et kreativt miljø som stadig utvikler seg for å utfordre besøksopplevelsen.

Mathallen Oslo

Mathallen Oslo is inspired by the great European food courts. Here you can find specialty shops, cafés and great places to eat.

Throughout the year, Mathallen is also a venue for different festivals and events celebrating food, drink and good experiences.

Mathallen Oslo is the place to go for everyone who appreciates high quality food and drink and something unique. We offer fish, meat, vegetables, baked goods, coffee – everything brought to us by the best suppliers and distributors of Norway, as well as some imported products. The atmosphere and products reflects the passion for good food and beverages.

Mathallen is a place for both the everyday consumers and professional chefs to buy foods from Norwegian small-scale producers and importers. Everyone is welcome to taste, shop, drink, to share knowledge and experiences and to find inspiration.

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Ben Reddik

One of Oslo`s hippest neighbourhoods is Grünerløkka. “Løkka” as we say in norwegian has many good restaurants. A new (and hip) one that recently opened is “Ben Reddik”

Ben Reddik serves Lebanese food. Lebanese cuisine is a Levantine style of cooking that includes an abundance of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, starches, fresh fish and seafood; animal fats are consumed sparingly.

Manaeesh with Labneh, Fresh Mint & Olive

For lunch this Saturday I ordered Manaeesh with Labneh, Tabbouleh and Hummous. Unfortunately they were out of Hummous so I got Mutabbel instead. But it took 45 minutes to get our food! The long wait was probably because of all the positive acclaim Ben Reddik has received.

Tabbouleh & Mutabbel

My experience was that the food was good. But they serve small portions at a pretty high price. If you like Mezeh and lebanese food there are both better and cheaper options in Oslo. But, if you are in Grünerløkka this is the only Meze restaurant in the area.

Homepage: Ben Reddik

Text and photos: My Oslo Norway